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Find a House


  • Find your dream house on MLS
  • Talk to our agents
  • Get a copy of preapproval letter from your bank
  • Private showing of the property    

Offer With Our Cash


  • Go through the disclosures with our realtors
  • Make a competitive 7 days closing offer
  • Our Cash up to 70% of purchase price.

45 Days Mortgage Free


  • Refinance with us or your own bank
  • No mortgage interest charge for the first 45 days.

Why Cash Offer?

In real estate, the highest offer is not always the best offer. The cleanest offer is the best offer, as it takes most of the risk out of the transaction. When we say clean offer, we mean not subject to things such as obtaining financing from the bank, a structural survey, an appraisal, and so on.

Sellers will often accept a lower, all-cash offer over a higher priced offer with conventional financing. This is because they know the cash offer is nearly guaranteed to close. It involves fewer stumbling blocks. Sometimes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so to speak.

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